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Jen Foxworth

Stuff that's on here!

I'm Jen Foxworth the Foxbeast ya'll. I'm here to make pretty things for ya'll to look at and buy! I'm a single parent to two kids and I do commissions and sell art for a living.

So feel free to take a gander at the things here, and if you like an original piece please do inquire if you would like to buy it. If you don't see something you like but you know you want something send me a message, I do custom commissions as well with a great turnaround time! If it's digital, you can probably even see me streaming it while it's being done too!

If you would like to contact me for a business arrangement that would be swell as well. I would love to do illustrations for books, adult or kids, I find them quite fun! Also exhibitation and magazine work! I work with a large variety of mediums, my method is if it exists and can make a mark, then it can be used! Everything from ballpoint pens, pencils, paint, to tablet drawing. My most used however is digital currently.

You can also find me on these sites as well!

Sofurry!  Weasyl!  Deviantart!  Furaffinity!

If you like my work, please consider following or supporting me on Patreon!

Want to by something? Commissions and Terms of Service

Wanna watch stuff being made? Picarto Live Art Streams!

Email and/or Subscribe!

Throw me some emails, I love to hear from people!

Whether it be to get a commission, subscribe, or just to say 'Hey, yo, like all this stuff up in here!' it would be quite lovely!

(If you want to subscribe, please tell me in the email that is what you want so I can add you to the list. I promise not to spam you every day, more like once or twice a month, or if something super amazing comes up, like a new blog, super cool art, contests, raffles, etc.)

(All business inquiries also use the email please.)

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