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Kids and I having noodles

Family noodles

Hi everybodyyy! How are ya’ll? Um, so like yeah, this is my first blog post thingy. So I guess I should start off with uh, hi thanks for reading, taking your time to read it and such, I do appreciate it yes.

So… If ya’ll don’t know who I am, I’m Jen Foxworth, and I make art and stuff. I do it for a living, selling it and making it for whoever would like it. I work in a variety of mediums, everything from traditional painting, markers, color pencil, pens, to digital painting and inking. Basically if it’s usable you can use it to make art, mediums come from practically everything you know?

I’m also a single parent with two special needs kids. I have my son who is five and then my daughter who is two and a half, and trust me, they’ll pop up a lot in the blogs. They make things very, VERY interesting! My son takes interest in my work, and when he draws his little scribbles (he splatters green paint all over and says it’s the garbage truck exploding, in nearly every image he makes) he calls it his work, because that’s what Mommy does. When he comes home from his school in the afternoon he always wants to see what I’ve been making, and if he likes it a lot he asks for me to put it on his wall in his room. He’s got several images up there now, one is Monster Kid eating spagetti and another is of Kwazii from Octonauts.

My daughter doesn’t currently take interest in anything much, not movies, or shows. Though she does like to play with blocks and figurines. She also likes to eat. I went to a WIC class the other day and they were instructing on how to be careful on how much you feed your kid before dinner because they won’t be hungry, there is no way that applies to her. She is a bottomless pit. She eats her food, then comes after mine and my sons. People wonder why I inhale my food, it’s because of her. I’d rather her eat well then be picky like my son though. Just today they both got the same amount of bacon, eggs, and pancakes on their plates and she eats all hers and then starts going after my son's and mine. That’s kids though you know? See I’m supposed to be here talking about myself and art and I’m already blabbing about my kids. LOOK AT MY KIDS LOOK AT MY KIDS!!!

Anyhoo, I use Jen Foxworth the foxbeast as my avatar/artist name, and also my fursona of a sorts. She’s on nearly every account I have for myself in some shape or form. My favorite art themes are science fiction, aliens, robots, fantasy, and transformation. I also have to say I find it very hard to draw or be creative without music. If I didn’t have music I think I would go insane. Or headphones. I need headphones at night to block out the screams of ‘CHUGGINGTONNNNNN CHUGGA CHUGGA!! CLICKETY CLACK!’ …. When i have the replacement of music in my ears I can focus on work, and depending on what I’m listening to can help me create work to it. I go through phases of different music, but the top ones I spend the most time listening to are: EDM, Dubstep, Fantasy (think LOTR or Warcraft), Rock, and Europop. Anything that sounds like fantasy or aliens I’m usually into.

I stream a good portion of my work on Picarto as well if you all would ever like to come take a gander at it, I’d love to have you in the chat room as well. It’s the same name as always, Jen Foxworth. While I do the work, I also usually either have music, a movie, or a show on, and sometimes if the kids are being really quiet, I’ll turn the mic on and answer questions and engage in spoken conversation. I find a lot of the time people in the chat have some interesting things to talk about, specially when a show is on, it can help the creative mind get going you know! Hope to see you all soon yes!

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